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Rebels Youth Teams dominate LILJ Spring Madness Tournament

The Rebels youth teams performed at a very high level at Mitchel Field this weekend, beating top teams from around the Island. Our 2029, 2028 and 2027 teams combined for a 12-2-1 record. We are very pleased with how all the hard work these players and coaches put in is paying off. Many of our coaches are high school coaches that have gone the extra mile in order to practice and train with their Rebels teams during the condensed HS season. Everyone in the organization is excited to see how these teams fair moving forward, as they continue to get better every time they get together. Check out the recap on our youtube page!

Rebels 2029, Finalist (4-1-1)

Our 2029 Rebels LC Sting team showed up to play this weekend. They were unfortunate to not take home the championship but did take a huge step in the right direction. After tying Team 91 Power earlier in the tournament, they fell in a 5-4 barnburner in the Championship Game. Some notable players throughout the tournament were Austin Balducci (8 goals), JoJo Berhalter (6 goals, 1 assist), Connor Gill (7 goals, 2 assists), Ryan McCann (4 goals, 3 assists), and James Calandra (3 goals, 3 assists). We are extremely proud of what they've accomplished so far and cannot wait to see what kind of well-oiled machine they are by the end of the summer.

Rebels 2028 Champions (5-0)

One of the top teams around, the 2028 Hydra team had a tremendous weekend going a perfect 5-0 and taking home the championship. A huge shoutout goes out to the 2028 staff of Bobby Moltisanti, Tom Walsh, Ryan Keenan, and Kyle Zawadzki for all their coaching staff does for their players.

On a team that has a very potent offense, it was all about the defense this weekend, backed by a brick wall between the pipes in CJ Stein. Defensive players Nick Pramataris, Carter Clark, Anthony Malizia and Matthew Foraker helped contribute to shut down some great teams and ending up with a goal differential of +25 for the entire weekend. Some other notable players were Derek Marz (9 goals, 6 assists), Brody Moltisanti (3 goals, 2 assists), Sal Ranieri (7 goals, 1 assist), and Christian Quarterone aka "CQ" who was stellar at the faceoff X (2 goals, 2 assists). JP Grande was excellent between the lines in the championship game. This team had a fantastic showing from the very first whistle, making very high-level plays look easy. These guys are going to be an even bigger force to be reckoned with by the end of the summer.

Rebels 2027, 3-1 on the Weekend

The Rebels 2027 United continued taking steps in the right direction, missing to qualify in the championship game due to goal differential. This team coached by Mike Murtha, Justin Pugal, Brandon Riley, Mike Caccavale and Pete Pramataris has been working effortlessly to improve their team skills and IQ. This past weekend proved that all of their work is starting to pay off as they just fell a little short of the Championship game and had an extremely positive 3-1 final record. Some notable players were Javen Taff (4 goals, 1 assist), Brady O'Donoghue (3 goals, 1 assist), Ryan Murtha (3 goals), and Louis Montellese (3 goals). A HUGE shout out to the defense only giving up 5 goals in their three wins is also a more than worthy mention. With wins over some very talented teams, the United group looks to capitalize on these key wins moving forward and continue to get better every week. Look to see this team contending in championships throughout the rest of this summer!

Interested in Getting Involved?

Are you currently a Coach / Trainer looking to get involved with Rebels LC? Reach out to the office today at 516-586-8162 or email us at and we will touch base with you ASAP. We are always inquiring about people wanting to become a part of the Rebels family.

Tryout dates and times are posted on our website for all those interested in playing. Anyone who signs up for tryouts will be contacted by one of our directors to touch base and learn a little bit more about you!



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