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Click on the flyers below for more information about our training sessions, clinics., camps, and training teams.

All training session, clinics, and camps are open to players from all clubs/teams. 

Little Scoopers

Ages 3 - 6 | Boys & Girls

Little Scoopers is designed to introduce children ages 3-6 to the “FUN” in the fundamentals of the great game of lacrosse. The program is open to boys & girls, with the goal of teaching the basics in a fun and engaging way. Children will be provided a solid foundation with the intent to graduate to the K-5 Clinics  that includes full equipment and limited contact. The Little Scoopers Program will include flexible rolling admission so students can join at any point during the year. The seasonal tuition would include unlimited classes until the player ages out or graduates to the K-5 Clinic Team, or the season ends (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall)

Any questions regarding Little Scoopers, Rising Rebels or Clinics please reach out to and

K-5 Clinics

Grades K-5 | Boys & Girls

Our K-5 clinics are designed as the next step along with our training platform. These clinics are run by directors and coaches as we begin to prepare our athletes for the goal of playing on a Rebels team. Drills will focus on the skills and IQ sides of the fundamentals of lacrosse. Players will be split up by age and skill level. Once ready, players will be invited to participate in our Risinf Rebels program (see below) which will include access to all K-5 clinics (Besides Winter), and an additional 1-2 practices/trainings per week. 

Any questions regarding Little Scoopers, Rising Rebels or Clinics please reach out to and

Rising Rebels Academy

Grades K & 1st | Boys & Girls

Our Rising Rebels academy is meant for players who are looking to get just a little more than a weekly clinic. The academy is designed to introduce and teach team concepts before graduating to our Rising Rebels team, and is focused on skills, IQ and small sided game play. All training team members will receive access to a First in Class training profile and 1-2 practices and training sessions each week. Team members can also purchase the optional Rebels LC Uniform/Apparel set and helmet.


Any questions regarding Little Scoopers, Rising Rebels or Clinics please reach out to and

Rising Rebels

Grades 2-3 | Boys & Girls (For Girls Training Teams, visit

Our Rising Rebels team is designed for players looking to take the next step toward being placed on a tournament team. All Rising Rebels team members will receive access to all K-3 Clinics (Besides Winter due to field space), an additional 1-2 practices and training sessions each week, a Rebels LC Chrome Helmet (Purchased Separately), and intra-squad scrimmages. Before the summer months, there will be a tryout/evaluation that will place all enrolled in the Rising Rebels program into teams based on skill level. These teams will play 3 local summer tournaments as their first experience in travel lacrosse!

RDS Training

Boys Grades 3-11 | Post Grad

Our RDS (Rebels Director Series Training) is a VIP style a la carte training model, built to teach the intricacies of the game. These sessions are run by Rebels Directors and consist of position-specific training, along with strength and agility work. Players from any town or club are welcome to join.

Sessions and schedules are updated weekly on the Meet Up app.

AA Advanced Training

Boys Grad Years 2032 - 2029

This training is NOT for beginners. This is for AA caliber youth players looking to get elite training. The goal of these training sessions is to fast track the skill level and IQ of players in the 2032-2029 graduating classes. In these sessions, players learn to be able to move how college kids do, play the way college kids do and understand the game at the highest level, as early as possible. 


Boys Grades K-12

Get your Rebel extra training with the Rebels directors and training staff when they are home from school. Rebels Camps are multi-day training sessions designed to get our athletes the most reps as possible. With offense, defense, and goalie training, these camps help our players make a difference when they step on the field. Open to players from all teams.

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