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Isaac Neal Joins Rebels LC as Club Director

Coach Isaac Neal coaching up his Port Washington Vikings lacrosse team

Rebels Lacrosse is pleased to announce the appointment of Coach Isaac Neal as a new Director. With an extensive background in coaching and a proven track record of leadership, Coach Neal brings a wealth of expertise and strategic vision to the club.

Coach Isaac Neal is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience coaching lacrosse. Throughout his on-going career at Port Washington High School, Coach Neal has demonstrated a strong commitment to helping individuals and teams achieve their full potential. He most recently led Port Washington to a County Championship in 2022, followed by another trip to the County Championship, losing to the State Runner’s Up in 2023. Over the past 6 seasons, Coach Neal has grown and developed 3 Nassau County “Goalie of the Year” recipients, a Nassau County “Attackmen of the Year”, and multiple HM and First-Team All-Americans. He has coached 5 of the 6 All-Time Points Leaders in Port Washington and was the 2021 Nassau Class-A coach of the Year. He has a deep understanding of all aspects of the game, and a passion for driving growth and success in both individuals and teams.

Coach Isaac Neal extending his hand for a handshake

Coach Neal has a remarkable record of accomplishments, having worked with numerous high-profile clients and organizations. He is known for growing clubs through player-development focused programming. Coach Neal possesses exceptional expertise in education and service of each participant and has successfully coached coaches, teams, and individuals to overcome challenges, enhance performance, and achieve their goals. Coach Neal brings 12 years experience as a elementary and middle school educator, and over 7 as an academic administrator.

Prior to joining Rebels, Coach Neal held a leadership position at another organization, where he made significant contributions to their success. He has a deep understanding of connecting with student-athletes and their families and has consistently delivered exceptional results. Coach Neal is known for instilling consistency in forward facing communication, a key in athletic service that has propelled his past organizations forward. Coach Neal played under Seth Tierney (Hofstra), Joe Amplo (Navy), Matt Rewkowski (Delaware) and Ron Caputo (Duke) during his 2006-2010 tenure at Hofstra University.

"I am thrilled to be joining Rebels as a Director. I am truly impressed by their

commitment to excellence and their strong focus on the “team” that exists within the program, along with their ability to showcase their players in a multitude of athlete-centered initiatives. I am excited to collaborate with this talented team of Rebels andcontribute to our player’s continued growth and success."



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