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Rebels Working Together to Grow the Game

Growing the game is something that is extremely important to the Rebels Lacrosse Club, as well as the families that are a part of the organization. Over the last month, Rose Brown, a mother to one of the Rebels 2030 Aces players, put together a gear drive for the Wyandanch School District where she works. Mrs. Brown told us, “I had mentioned to my daughter Gabby that Coach Carter has been wanting to start a lacrosse program in Wyandanch for kids who until now have never played the sport. I work in the Wyandanch SD. Resources were limited and Gabby had the idea to do an equipment drive.”

A message was sent out to the Rebels’ families, and they showed out in full force. It was amazing to see how many were able to put some gear together to donate to the district. Many parents even offered continuous support to help grow the program even further. The Rebels organization is looking to do everything they can to grow the game of lacrosse and aid in the development of areas that have little to no lacrosse presence.

It is an exciting time in the United States for the game of lacrosse, especially in non-hot bed lacrosse areas, where the game continues to grow and bring lasting relationships together. With this gear drive, the hope is that the community of Wyandanch can now begin to develop a great lacrosse program, and give kids an opportunity to play and love the game of Lacrosse. We thank Rose for her contribution to the growth of the game, and encourage other Rebels parents to do the same.



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